ASSESS™ Systems

Solutions Built specifically for business, ASSESS ensures you hire the best people, get the best out of them and get them ready for future roles.   ASSESS™ is the only assessment tool you will find in the marketplace that combines the highest level of workplace validation and applies to all major points within an employee lifecycle: ASSESS™ is an assessment tool specifically designed for the workplace. It’s not just looking at personality but specifically how personality positively and negatively impacts performance on the job.
  • Only measures work-related personality traits (24 of them)
  • Has the highest level of validation - Criterion-Related Validity – this means that results of the survey can be directly linked to performance in a role.
  • Reports allow you to hone in on specific root causes of what will positively or negatively impact performance
  • Coaching reports are complete with development suggestions – books to read and courses to take in order to improve performance
  • Does not discriminate based on age, gender or ethnicity.
  • Is used in over 42 countries, has been translated into 16 languages and has been used for workplace assessment since the 1940’s, with continuous improvement and re-validation.