Hiring Process

Hiring Process

by opt-assess

Hire the Best

Looking for a way to increase your chances of hiring the best candidates?

Hire the BestThere are a variety of tools in the market that help you identify how costly it is when you make a poor hiring decision. The bottom line is that this cost can range from 6 months to over one year of the applicant’s salary and benefits in direct costs alone. The indirect costs — the additional turnover caused by the hiring, the effect on morale, the decrease in team effectiveness — are much harder to quantify.

Studies beginning as far back as the 1980’s have shown that personality has a much larger effect on performance than previously thought.

Our suite of selection tools will allow you to better understand the personality characteristics of potential candidates. This will increase your probability of success when making a hiring decision and will also provide you with a way to effectively integrate new hires into your organization.

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