Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement

by opt-assess

Improve Performance

Give Your Leaders the Tools to Measure What Matters

Performance Improvement

Even when goals are clearly defined, leaders provide little feedback and coaching. They do this annually often as a result of a requirement imposed on them (annual review, bonus calculations, etc…) Many leaders are not equipped to provide effective feedback.

The Assess system helps leaders understand the connection between goals and the behaviours that are necessary to accomplish those goals.

Stage 1 of the OAP™ "Defining Success" shows how strategy and outcomes can be linked to behaviours that are necessary for success. Providing leaders and their team members with an ability to define what will be monitored and evaluated as part of the performance management process.

This common language is used as a framework for on-going coaching and performance improvement. Feedback can now be immediate, specific, non personal and it can highlight both positive and negative behaviours.

  • ASSESS Development provides an in-depth evaluation of a candidate’s assets and liabilities in relation to the needed competencies for a given role. The report provides the candidate with development suggestions, books to read and courses to take in order to facilitate the coaching process and improve performance.
  • The ASSESS 360° can provide additional perspective and enhance the development process. Focus 360, an abbreviated 360 module, which measures observed changes for a group of targeted behaviours selected by an employee and their leader, further enhances coaching and development.

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