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Integrating Employees – Help Them Hit the Ground Running

Many organizations spend a lot of time and effort attracting talent but do very little to help new hires successfully integrate into a new operating environment. Research shows that new employees at all levels are vulnerable in the first few months in a new job because they lack the in-depth knowledge of the challenges they will face. Creating momentum in the early days of a new job will increase the probability of success.

This stage of the OAP™ provides employees with information which can make an immediate impact on performance, helping them to “hit the ground running.”

You can now generate a development report for the individual so training can begin immediately and if the individual completed the Assess survey before being hired, they do NOT have to take the survey again.

The Assess Development Report identifies the traits that are likely to help/hinder the demonstration of competencies. This portion of the report provides an in-depth analysis of the candidate’s results, by competency.


The candidate’s score is shown by a blue circle. The “blue zone” indicates desirable ranges – when the circle falls within the blue zone (Assertiveness, Self-Reliance) the trait is likely to help the candidate demonstrate the competency and when the scores fall outside the blue zone, the traits are likely to hinder the demonstration of the competency. When scores fall outside the desirable range, Developmental suggestions are provided.

These reports contain developmental resources – activities, books to read, courses to take and an action planning guide to facilitate performance improvement.

ASSESS Development Report Overview (PDF) 

Team Effectiveness

If the existing team members have also completed Assess, a Team Effectiveness Plot can be generated. These reports can help new and existing team members determine collective strengths and development areas; identify how they can function better as a team and find a creative way to prevent or reduce conflict.

Group competency reports can also be run. These contain group competency averages as well as the top 10 developmental suggestions for the team, identifying opportunities for team-based training.

To learn more about Team Effectiveness and Group Summary Reports please visit our Team Effectiveness Page.

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