Define Success

Define Success

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Define Success

Looking to Create A Model for Organizational Success

Assess Competency Modeling or Strategic Success Modeling (SSM) is a process by which an organization can easily develop a targeted competency model for a position or group of positions, or can update an existing competency model.

Use our unique process to translate business strategy in HR practices – using a common language to define the behaviours that are necessary to successfully execute strategy.



Business Strategy

With the Optimal Assessment Process and the Assess suite of tools, once a competency model has been created it can be loaded into the Assess on-line system. Candidates – both internal and external can log into the system and complete Assess, a business assessment instrument that measures 24 personality traits in three major categories – Thinking, Working and Relating.

The Assess system provides an objective way to measure individuals against the behaviours critical to organizational success and can be used to improve the following processes:

  • Selection – Providing a clear target for hiring practices will improve the likelihood of hiring the right person for the right job
  • Development – Making development actionable and understandable by providing developmental activities that are linked to skills, knowledge and characteristics that will lead to optimal performance
  • Training – linking training to competencies (success), maximizing the return on investment of training dollars
  • Performance Improvement – clarifying work expectations using a common language and linking competencies to goals
  • Succession Planning – adding objectivity in determining readiness for a role; identifying gaps and focusing training and development to help close those gaps.

Already Have a Model?

Take our Competency Modeling Quiz to determine whether or not you can benefit by mapping your competencies to our Assess competency library or contact us.