Select Surveys

Call Centres People who can work effectively with customers via telephone to produce results for in-bound service, in-bound sales and outbound sales roles. Some of these surveys can also be combined .
In-bound Sales In-bound sales only
Out-bound Sales Out-bound sales only
Sales Combo In-bound and out-bound sales
In-bound Service In-bound service
In-bound Combo In-bound service and in-bound sales
Call Centre Suite Staffing Call Centre Suite – call centre survey to assist in determining fit for various roles - In-bound service, in-bound sales, outbound sales and help desk roles.
Customer Service People who serve the customer with a positive service attitude in roles like customer service representative, order clerks or client service representative.
Retail Manager People who will be store managers in small format stores or department managers in large retail and can manage associates and serve and sell. A retail math module can be added.
Clerk/Cashier People who enjoy serving others in a retail store in positions where active selling is not required. Basic math module can be added.
Sales Associates People who enjoy selling and dealing with customers in a retail store. For positions in which active selling is required and customer loyalty is desired. Basic math can be added.
Retail Combo A comprehensive retail survey to assist in determining fit for either a retail cashier or retail sales associate role.
Retail Banking This suite has been validated for use with people who work both in traditional, stand-alone branches and in-store branches that offer a sales-oriented, cross-functional approach to service and sales with customers.
Branch Managers Appropriate for those managers who manage the daily operations of the branch and who are also required to promote customer services
Service Associates Designed for service only positions, such as Tellers, and is an adapted version of our SELECT for Customer Service,
Sales associates appropriate for those associates who not only handle daily customer transactions, but who are responsible for selling retail banking services
Associates combo Combines the services and sales associates survey
In-store banking sales associates Used to improve hiring process for associates who work as a sales associate within an in-store banking environment
Banking sales combo Combines the retail banking sales survey and the in-store banking sales survey
Category/Report Survey Description/Target
Administration People who can be productive and cooperative in office administrative roles such as administrative assistants, secretaries, other office support personnel and temporaries.
Admin Support General Administrative support
Receptionists For people who are socially engaging and enjoy servicing the needs of a customer.
Personal Service For people who will be positive service providers in such roles as hair stylist, barber, cosmetologist, and salon service provider.
Convenience Stores  
Associates People who serve the customer in convenience stores, gas stations. A basic math module can be added.
Store Managers People who will manage a small team of associates to serve and sell to customers in convenience stores and gas stations. A retail math module can be added.
Production/Distribution People who can be cooperative and productive in manufacturing and distribution roles such as manufacturing, assembly team members, operators, drivers and warehouse personnel.
Staffing/Light industrial Combo A comprehensive survey to assist in determining fit for four roles - office/administrative, receptionist/personal services, customer service or light industrial role.
Leasing Agents People who will be positive service providers and be able to influence people to lease or rent apartments in their complexes. Basic math geared to leasing role can be added.
Healthcare People who can work directly with or around patients displaying and empathetic, service-oriented attitude while providing superior care in roles such as nurse, nurse’s aide, technician, transporter and admitting office personnel.
Hospitality For people who serve as wait staff or hosts with a positive and engaging service attitude in restaurants, hotels and other hospitality positions.