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HR/OD Consultants

 HR/OD Consultants Use Our Solutions To Help Their Clients…

  • Create success models and to have an objective way to measure new and existing team members against these models
  • Increase their chances of hiring the right people – to make sure that the right organizational structure AND the right people are in place
  • Effectively develop their most important asset - their people
  • Add objectivity to their succession planning process
  • Improve team individual and team performance

To learn more about these benefits visit our home page.

If you are an HR/OD consultant who wants to learn more about our unique certification process, please see our Certification page.

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Optimal Assessments & Consulting

Welcome to Optimal Assessments!

Optimal Assessments & Consulting is an authorized distributor of the Assess™  suite of on-line assessment tools. The Assess™ system ensures you hire the best people, get the most out of them and get them ready for future roles. The Assess™ tools have the highest level of workplace validation and apply to all major points within an employee lifecycle.

Our cutting edge assessment tools and unique process help measure individuals and teams against the success models to improve performance.

Define Success.....Measure.....Improve!

The Optimal Assessment Process™

Optimal Success Process

Benefits of using the OAP™ (Optimal Assessment Process)

  • Measure performance and target areas for improvement
  • Improved hiring efficiencies
  • Quick integration of new employees
  • Targeted training
  • Improved team effectiveness
  • Increased objectivity in the succession planning process
  • Enhanced coaching capability