Assess Certification

Assess Certification

by opt-assess

ASSESS In-Depth Certification

We know that your schedule is hectic and your time is limited. We do our best to adapt our certification process to your needs and your schedule.

For coaches, executive search firms, and HR/OD consultants we also provide insight into how to effectively use the tools and expand your practice.

We also offer in-house certification allowing you and your team members the opportunity to tailor your learning to what is most relevant for your organization.

What makes our certification process unique is our commitment to service our clients. We provide follow-up coaching and advisory services to make sure that the tools are being used effectively and so that all of our clients achieve the best possible results.

ASSESS Workshops

During our workshops you will learn how to enhance the use of ASSESS with your clients or within your organization. We focus on the following:

  • Understanding ASSESS characteristics and profile interpretation
  • Learning how to use ASSESS to hire the best candidates
  • Leveraging the power of ASSESS for one-on-one coaching or group workshops, including modules for
    • Career Development Workshops
    • Coaching & Leadership Development
    • Developing Teams
  • All participants receive their own ASSESS development report to enhance the learning process and for personal improvement.

For more information about certification and pricing please contact us.