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Personal Development

Use ASSESS for Personal Development and Coaching

personal development

ASSESS™ Development Reports provide an in-depth evaluation of a candidate’s assets and liabilities in relation to the needed competencies for a given role. The report provides development suggestions, books to read and courses to take in order to facilitate the coaching process and improve performance.

ASSESS™ 360 Reports can provide additional perspective and enhance the development process. This report includes a detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis of how the individual and other team members (boss, direct reports, peers, etc…) view the individual’s behaviour and performance. The printed report will provide developmental suggestions for some of the candidate’s lowest rated competencies. Additional development suggestions for each of the competencies will be available on-line.

ASSESS™ Focus 360 is an abbreviated 360 module, which measures observed changes for a group of targeted behaviours selected by an employee and their leader. It is designed to further enhance coaching and development.

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Personal Effectiveness

ASSESS™ Reports (Individual) – Personal Effectiveness

Personal Effectiveness

Use ASSESS for Selection (Hiring)

ASSESS™ Selection Reports identify the personality traits of a candidate that are likely to help/hinder the individual’s ability to be successful in a given role. The report helps to focus a behavioural interview by providing questions specifically linked to competencies plus unique questions based on the candidate’s results.

The report also includes management suggestions or coaching tips, which can be used if the candidate is hired.

Hire based on a complete picture of competencies defined for success.

The result – increase the probability of hiring candidates that will succeed - lower hiring costs, higher retention and better performance.

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Executive Recruiters

Executive Search Consultants Use our Solutions…

  • To work collaboratively with their clients to identify the knowledge, skills and experience required for success (Create a success model).
  • To measure qualified candidates against the clients success model (Using Assess Selection) to determine best fit and reduce the probability of a bad hire
  • To further increase the likelihood of success by providing integration coaching to help clients “hit the ground running”
  • To help their clients answer the million dollar question, “Can I work with the individual and will they fit in with my team and organization?”

To learn more about these benefits visit our home page.

To learn more about our unique certification process, please see our Certification page.

If you are interested in more information on how to hire excellent consultative sales professionals, please go to our product section and click on “SalesMax”.

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The SELECT Associate Screening System is a family of related tests designed to measure important, work-related, personality characteristics in applicants for entry-level jobs.

If you are interested in selecting more high performers and reducing the possibility of hiring poor performers, see example of a SELECT Success Story

What is SELECT?

SELECT is a state-of-the-art, web-based system that allows employers to quickly and easily screen for characteristics associated with productivity, cooperative work behaviours, integrity and service to others. SELECT surveys are an integral part of a successful hiring process.

What types of SELECT Surveys are available?

All select surveys have been validated and only measure personality traits that are linked to success in specific roles. Select surveys have been developed to improve hiring success for call centres, retail, administrative positions, retail banking, personal services, health care and others.

For a complete list of available surveys see Select Surveys.

By using SELECT as part of your hiring process you can hire more high performers and fewer poor performers. To learn more about success results for our various surveys, please contact us.

What does SELECT Measure?

SELECT measures traits that contribute to effectiveness in a variety of associate-level roles. To further assist in improving the hiring process, SELECT reports provide the following information to improve the hiring decision:

Integrity Index – measures the candidate’s attitude about personal integrity and work ethic. Provides a score and suggestion as to whether or not to avoid the candidate.

Performance Index – a measure of the traits associated with successful performance in a specific job.

Performance Sub-Scale Analysis – presents the candidates scores for each sub-scale (traits, behaviours) of the Performance Index – which includes traits that have been linked to success in these roles.

Job Task Responses – measures how willing job candidates are to perform the tasks required in similar jobs. All indications of reluctance should be probed during the interview.

Counterproductive Behaviours – assessment of attitudes and behaviours related to theft, job commitment, work ethic, resistance to direction, safety, etc…The results will highlight areas where the candidate selected an undesirable response.

Behavioural Interview Guide – includes specific probes for areas flagged in the performance sub-scale section. Probe suggestions allow the interviewer to determine:

  • To what extent the characteristic is likely to be observed in day-to-day job performance.
  •  What impact (if any) will the characteristic have on job performance, work relationships.
  •  To what extent or by what method does the person “manage” or control the behaviour.

Random Response - The SELECT surveys contain a validity check that advises whether or not the candidate responded to the survey items randomly. Special items in the survey determine if the applicant is correctly reading the survey and sufficiently attending to the survey items. Inappropriate answers to these statements will result in a survey which is "invalid."

Positive Response Pattern – Within the SELECT Surveys, there are statements designed to determine if an individual is trying to present themselves in a more positive manner or put their “best foot forward. If these items are answered in an overly positive way, a special note will appear in the report.

Contact us to learn more about how to leverage SELECT to improve your total selection process.


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Hiring Process

Hire the Best

Looking for a way to increase your chances of hiring the best candidates?

Hire the BestThere are a variety of tools in the market that help you identify how costly it is when you make a poor hiring decision. The bottom line is that this cost can range from 6 months to over one year of the applicant’s salary and benefits in direct costs alone. The indirect costs — the additional turnover caused by the hiring, the effect on morale, the decrease in team effectiveness — are much harder to quantify.

Studies beginning as far back as the 1980’s have shown that personality has a much larger effect on performance than previously thought.

Our suite of selection tools will allow you to better understand the personality characteristics of potential candidates. This will increase your probability of success when making a hiring decision and will also provide you with a way to effectively integrate new hires into your organization.

  • Want to hire the best individual contributors, managers, and executives? Learn more about Assess Selection
  • Looking to hire the best consultative salespeople? See the benefits of using SalesMax
  • Want to quickly screen for characteristics linked to success in associate level positions? Learn more about the SELECT Associate screening system


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Optimal Assessments & Consulting

Welcome to Optimal Assessments!

Optimal Assessments & Consulting is an authorized distributor of the Assess™  suite of on-line assessment tools. The Assess™ system ensures you hire the best people, get the most out of them and get them ready for future roles. The Assess™ tools have the highest level of workplace validation and apply to all major points within an employee lifecycle.

Our cutting edge assessment tools and unique process help measure individuals and teams against the success models to improve performance.

Define Success.....Measure.....Improve!

The Optimal Assessment Process™

Optimal Success Process

Benefits of using the OAP™ (Optimal Assessment Process)

  • Measure performance and target areas for improvement
  • Improved hiring efficiencies
  • Quick integration of new employees
  • Targeted training
  • Improved team effectiveness
  • Increased objectivity in the succession planning process
  • Enhanced coaching capability