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The SELECT Associate Screening System is a family of related tests designed to measure important, work-related, personality characteristics in applicants for entry-level jobs.

If you are interested in selecting more high performers and reducing the possibility of hiring poor performers, see example of a SELECT Success Story

What is SELECT?

SELECT is a state-of-the-art, web-based system that allows employers to quickly and easily screen for characteristics associated with productivity, cooperative work behaviours, integrity and service to others. SELECT surveys are an integral part of a successful hiring process.

What types of SELECT Surveys are available?

All select surveys have been validated and only measure personality traits that are linked to success in specific roles. Select surveys have been developed to improve hiring success for call centres, retail, administrative positions, retail banking, personal services, health care and others.

For a complete list of available surveys see Select Surveys.

By using SELECT as part of your hiring process you can hire more high performers and fewer poor performers. To learn more about success results for our various surveys, please contact us.

What does SELECT Measure?

SELECT measures traits that contribute to effectiveness in a variety of associate-level roles. To further assist in improving the hiring process, SELECT reports provide the following information to improve the hiring decision:

Integrity Index – measures the candidate’s attitude about personal integrity and work ethic. Provides a score and suggestion as to whether or not to avoid the candidate.

Performance Index – a measure of the traits associated with successful performance in a specific job.

Performance Sub-Scale Analysis – presents the candidates scores for each sub-scale (traits, behaviours) of the Performance Index – which includes traits that have been linked to success in these roles.

Job Task Responses – measures how willing job candidates are to perform the tasks required in similar jobs. All indications of reluctance should be probed during the interview.

Counterproductive Behaviours – assessment of attitudes and behaviours related to theft, job commitment, work ethic, resistance to direction, safety, etc…The results will highlight areas where the candidate selected an undesirable response.

Behavioural Interview Guide – includes specific probes for areas flagged in the performance sub-scale section. Probe suggestions allow the interviewer to determine:

  • To what extent the characteristic is likely to be observed in day-to-day job performance.
  •  What impact (if any) will the characteristic have on job performance, work relationships.
  •  To what extent or by what method does the person “manage” or control the behaviour.

Random Response - The SELECT surveys contain a validity check that advises whether or not the candidate responded to the survey items randomly. Special items in the survey determine if the applicant is correctly reading the survey and sufficiently attending to the survey items. Inappropriate answers to these statements will result in a survey which is "invalid."

Positive Response Pattern – Within the SELECT Surveys, there are statements designed to determine if an individual is trying to present themselves in a more positive manner or put their “best foot forward. If these items are answered in an overly positive way, a special note will appear in the report.

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