SELECT Behavioural Interview Guide

SELECT Behavioural Interview Guide

by opt-assess

SELECT Behavioural Interview Guide

Structured Interviews

If the optional structured interview is included with the report, a detailed interview guide will be printed.  This guide will include:

  • A script to open the interview
  • A series of job-related interview questions with guidance as to what to listen for in the candidate's responses.
  • Interview Probes based on survey results.

By using this structured interview guide consistently (meaning you ask the same questions of every candidate), you will bring increased objectivity to the process.

Note:  Interview guides are customized for the job and the client.

Excerpt Structured Interview:

While asking the following interview questions, be sure to listen and probe in the following areas highlighted by SELECT:

  • Low Multi-Tasking
  • Low Self-Reliance
  • Low Acceptance of Diversity

-  Tell me about your responsibilities in your previous (or current) job.  Which did you like most and why?  Also, which did you like least and why? (Listen for relevant work experience and likes and dislikes that may or may not fit this job.)

-  Why are you considering leaving or why did you leave your current/last job? (Listen for reliability, job fit)

-  What attracts you to this job in our company?  Why?  (Listen to desire to serve others as well as an interest in y our organization)