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SalesMax was designed and validated to help organizations identify and develop top performers in consultative sales roles.

SalesMax Delivers Results

  • Candidates with top scores on SalesMax produce at 121% of average.
  •  84% of poor performers are screened out using SalesMax.

What is SalesMax?

SalesMax is a state-of-the-art, web-based system that produces comprehensive reports to assist in the selection and development of professional sales people.

The SalesMax System provides immediate testing, evaluation and reporting from an internet connection.

What does SalesMax Measure?

Personality traits and sales knowledge that contribute to effectiveness in a sales role, specifically:

  • Sales Personality - All are work-related traits that have direct applicability to sales positions.
  • Sales Knowledge - Evaluates the candidate's understanding of effective behaviours and strategies at key stages of the sales cycle. The emphasis is on consultative and relationship-oriented sales.
  • Sales Motivations - The relative strength of eight sources of personal motivation to help to manage and motivate the candidate, if hired.

Why Use SalesMax?

Hire Better Talent

Everyone has made hiring mistakes.

Use SalesMax to minimize poor hires and focus on hiring individuals with natural sales ability.

SalesMax Selection Reports provide the following information to help evaluate candidates:

Develop Your Current Sales Team Members

To assist in Development, the SalesMax Development Report provides:

To learn more about how SalesMax can help your organization please contact us.