SalesMax – Success Index

SalesMax – Success Index

by opt-assess

SalesMax SELECTION Report Advice

The candidate's Sales Personality Index score was 19 out of a possible score of 48. This score falls in the second range of possible scores (OK).  Our research indicates that candidates with scores in this range have a moderate probability of becoming successful.  (About 4 out of 10 salespeople with scores in this range earned sales compensation in the top half.)

SalesMax Success

Personality Insights:

The following potential strengths (+) and potential weaknesses (-) may help you to understnad how the candidate's personality may impact his sales performance.

-His energy level is substantially below that of typical salespeople and may be a significant shortcoming. He may lack a sense of urgency about getting things done quickly.

+He should have a confident sales pesence.

+He can be assertive and forceful when necessary.  He should be able to deal with most difficult, challenging or powerful curstomers and should be capable of asking for the sale.

-He may be somewhat less dependable about following through on his commitments than the best salespeople.