SalesMax – Management Suggestions

SalesMax – Management Suggestions

by opt-assess

SalesMax Selection Report - Management Suggestions

SalesMax SELECTION report:

Management Suggestions

The remainder of this report suggests ways to effectively manage this person.  In some cases the management suggestion identifies a potential problem area in his personality results and recommends an approach for optimizing his effectiveness on the job.  In other cases, his motivations are discussed and suggestions for how to best motivate the candidate are highlighted.

Handling A Demanding Work Pace:

Her slow work pace may not be adequate in a fast-pace, sales environment. She is likely to need specific work goals and to be held accountable to meet time deadlines in order to be effective.  Initially, it may be helpful to set some interim deadlines (checkpoints) to ensure that she is making progress towards her goals.  Further, time management courses or readings may also be helpful in coaching her to use her energies more effectively.