SalesMax – Interview Probes

SalesMax – Interview Probes

by opt-assess

SalesMax Selection Report - Interview Probes

Interview and Reference Probe Suggestions

The next section of this report provides interview and reference probes for following up and obtaining more information regarding this candidate's potential problem characteristics.  For each identified topic, SalesMax suggests several questions to assist you in interviewing the candidate.  SalesMax also generates several questions to facilitat discussion of potential problem characteristics with his references.


Very Low Energy

The Candidate appears to have a much lower energy level than the typical sales professional.  This may mean that she has difficulty handling a demanding work schedule or that she must "work smart" and concentrate her efforts to be effective.

Interview Probes

During the interview, ask her to describe a typical work week.  Ask how she sets her priorities and how she allocates her time. Probe for indications of effectiveness despite a lower than average energy level or work pace.

Ask her to describe a situation in her work life.....

When talking with his references, ask the following types of questions.

"How does he compare with other salespeople in her ability to complete tasks on time?"

"How does she compare...."