Performance Subscale Analysis

Performance Subscale Analysis

by opt-assess

Performance Subscale Analysis

Suzanne Example:

Note: Each SELECT survey measures dimensions of work personality predictive of performance in most associate-level jobs and unique dimensions specific to the particular type of job for which is has been validated.  below is a sample of a few dimensions common across most SELECT surveys.


The table presents the candidate's scores for each sub-scale of the Performance Index. (Examples only) Flagged areas should be probed in the interview.

SELECT also provides subscale information on each of the characteristics which make up the Performance index.

For each subscale, the candidate's scores will fall into the OK or FLAG category.  If a candidate scores unfavorably on a subscale, it will be indicated by "X" under the FLAG heading.

In this example, the candidate responded to statements related to Frustration Tolerance in an unfavorable way.  The FLAG is a warning that this person may have difficulty remaining emotionally positive in spite of frustrating circumstances.

So, even though an applicant may have an overall Performance Index score in the Okay or GOOD range, he or she may still have a low score on one or a few of the subscales.  Any flagged subscales should be followed up in the interview to confirm whether or not this attribute is problematic.