Optimal Assessments & Consulting

Aberdeen Group – Executive Summary

As every business decision falls under greater scrutiny, organizations are looking for tools that help them make better choices - and decisions about talent are no different. Assessments can provide valuable insights into hiring, promotion and development decisions, and help organizations minimize talent risk while maximizing talent performance. In data collected between March and April 2011, over 640 organizations shared their insights, including 506 organizations currently using assessments as part of their talent strategy. The various types, uses and talent assessments are explored in this comprehensive benchmark study. read more>>

Succession Planning – The Four Imperatives to Success

The basic concept of succession planning is nothing new. Throughout history, every organization in the world has engaged in some type of planning for future talent needs, either actively or passively. Every entity who needs people to operate must replace people when they are gone. We see this in our daily lives and in the media—it was well-known that Jay Leno was to be the successor for Johnny Carson and now Conan O’Brian will fill Jay’s shoes. Whether a company pays attention to it or not, the succession of people is often the difference in an organization’s sustainable success. read more>>

Assessments Relieve High-Volume Screening Pressures

The increased use of job boards, online applications and automated applicant-tracking systems has made employee screening like trying to sip water from Niagara Falls. Finding gems of talent amidst a flood of applications can be a monumental challenge. Assessments solve this Information- Age problem by quickly identifying top talent and providing a priority ranking of the entire candidate pool. Assessments supply the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, professionalism and insight that are critical for employee screening. read more>>