by opt-assess

Corporate, Leadership and Career Coaches Use Our Solutions…

To expand their service offering and to provide one or more of the following benefits to their clients:

  • A system to define success and objectively measure against the competencies or capabilities critical for success in their organization
  • A way to reduce hiring costs by helping clients select the right employee for the right job at the right time
  • A common language and a systematic developmental process to improve the performance of employees at all levels
  • An effective way to integrate employees into a team so that they can “hit the ground running” and be successful
  • A succession planning process that uses objective ways to measure bench strength and identifies employees ready for promotion and identify gaps for those that require additional coaching
  • An ability to understand the personality of all team members in order to build more effective and ultimately higher performing teams
  • A way to improve self-awareness; understand strengths and development areas and leverage this information to improve career choices and job satisfaction

To learn more about these benefits see the Optimal Assessment Process™ on our home page.

If you are interested in expanding your practice, we would be happy to discuss this with you. Please contact us.