Assess (TM) Systems

Assess (TM) Systems

by opt-assess

Assess™ Overview

Built specifically for business, Assess™ ensures you hire the best people, get the best out of them and get them ready for future roles. Assess™ has the highest level of workplace validation and applies to all major points in an employee’s lifecycle;

  1. Hiring
  2. Onboarding
  3. Performance Improvement
  4. Team Effectiveness
  5. Succession Planning

The first step is to create a competency (success) model.

  • Create a model from scratch using our Assess™ library
  • Mapping an existing model to competencies in the Assess™ library
  • Use one of our 5 pre-established models outlined in General Competency Models (PDF) 

Once the competency model is defined, you can measure both individuals and teams against your model to improve both individual and team performance. A number of individual and group reports are available in Assess™. Brief descriptions of reports follow. To see a full list of Assess™ Reports available by category, see ASSESS-Reports-by-Category.pdf.

Assess™ Reports (Individual) – Personal Effectiveness

Use Assess for Selection (Hiring)

 ASSESS™ Selection Reports identify the personality traits of a candidate that are likely to help/hinder the individual’s ability to be successful in a given role. The report helps to focus a behavioural interview by providing questions specifically linked to competencies plus unique questions based on the candidate’s results.

The report also includes management suggestions or coaching tips, which can be used if the candidate is hired.

Hire based on a complete picture of competencies defined for success.

The result – increase the probability of hiring candidates that will succeed - lower hiring costs, higher retention and better performance.

Use Assess for Personal Development and Coaching

ASSESS™ Development Reports provide an in-depth evaluation of a candidate’s assets and liabilities in relation to the needed competencies for a given role. The report provides development suggestions, books to read and courses to take in order to facilitate the coaching process and improve performance.

 ASSESS™ 360 Reports can provide additional perspective and enhance the development process. This report includes a detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis of how the individual and other team members (boss, direct reports, peers, etc…) view the individual’s behaviour and performance. The printed report will provide developmental suggestions for some of the candidate’s lowest rated competencies. Additional development suggestions for each of the competencies will be available on-line.

ASSESS™ Focus 360 is an abbreviated 360 module, which measures observed changes for a group of targeted behaviours selected by an employee and their leader. It is designed to further enhance coaching and development.


Assess™ Group Reports – Enhance Team Effectiveness

Use Assess™ for Team Development

ASSESS™ Group Summary Reports provide aggregate data for group(s) of participant's. Summary reports include information such as: most frequent developmental suggestions; overall "fit" of the group with their competency model, and average score of the group on ASSESS™ personality dimensions. This information may be used to target training and improve team performance.

The Team Effectiveness (Comparison) Plots display the results of selected individuals (pairs or groups) on combinations of ASSESS™ characteristics. The impact of each individual's "style" on team effectiveness can be explored through our 17 standard comparisons or customized plots can be created. Comparison Plots can aid in helping pairs or teams to recognize similarities and differences, understand potential strengths and potential weakness, and develop a team plan to increase group effectiveness.

ASSESS™ Group 360 Reports show aggregate results for all individuals for whom a 360 was generated and that were rated against the same model. It is also designed to help improve team performance and complements both the ASSESS™ group Summary Reports and Team Effectiveness plots.

We would be pleased to discuss how you can improve any of these processes by using Assess. Please contact us.