Assess Selection

Assess Selection

by opt-assess

Assess Selection

Hire and Promote the Best with the ASSESS System


After you have completed Step 1 of the Optimal Performance Lifecycle™, you are ready to hire candidates that fit Your Model of Success using the ASSESS system.

ASSESS is a statistically validated survey that measures 24 work-related personality traits in three major categories:

  • Thinking – how an employee thinks
  • Working – how a candidate gets things done
  • Relating – how an individual relates to others on the job

Learn about ASSESS System Validation

Learn about the 24 Personality Traits

ASSESS Selection Reports provide a decision making framework for hiring, and they include the following information to help enhance your interview process:

  •  Feedback regarding work-related personality traits
  • Insight into how the individual’s traits will either help or hinder the demonstration of the competencies necessary for success (view sample output PDF)
  • Additional focus to a behavioural interview by providing questions specifically linked to competencies AND to the individual’s results (view sample interview questions )
  • ASSESS also provides Management suggestions, which can be used to help manage the individual and help them “hit the ground running” in their new position.


The Result?

  • Organizations can hire based on a complete picture of competencies that THEY DEFINE.
  • The hiring process becomes more targeted and effective.
  • The probability of hiring candidates that will succeed increases which will result in lower hiring costs, higher retention and better performance

 What if your existing team members have already completed ASSESS?

Group Effectiveness Plots can be generated. With these reports a “fit analysis” can be conducted to help to determine whether or not the new hire will “fit” in with the current team. The organization can answer the million dollar question, “Can this person work effectively with the existing team?

Organizations can also determine whether or not candidates can play the role of a “change agent” if this is required.

We would be pleased to discuss how we can help you improve your hiring process with the ASSESS system, please contact us.

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