ASSESS Development

ASSESS Development

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ASSESS Development

ASSESS Helps You Develop Your Most Important ASSET – Your People

ASSESS is a statistically validated survey that measures 24 work-related personality traits in three major categories:

  •  Thinking – how an employee thinks
  • Working – how a candidate gets things done
  • Relating – how an individual relates to others on the job

Learn about ASSESS System Validation
Learn about the 24 Personality Traits

 The ASSESS Development Report provides detailed information on an individual's strength and development areas, and a clear framework for improvement. The report includes:

  • Feedback regarding work-related personality traits
  • Insight into how the individual’s traits will either help or hinder the demonstration of the competencies necessary for success
  • Development Suggestions — activities, books to read and courses to take to focus improvement
  • An action plan to guide the development and improvement process.

See a sample ASSESS Development Report Overview


The ASSESS 360 Report can provide additional perspective and enhance the development process. This report includes a detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis of how the individual and other team members (boss, direct reports, peers, etc…) view the individual’s behaviour and performance. The printed report will provide developmental suggestions for some of the candidate’s lowest rated competencies. Additional development suggestions for each of the competencies will be available on-line.

The ASSESS Focus 360 is an abbreviated 360 module, which measures observed changes for a group of targeted behaviours selected by an employee and their leader. It is designed to further enhance coaching and development.

The ASSESS Review is a web-based performance appraisal and development module (available early 2008). It helps to streamline the review process, allowing an organization to: benchmark current capabilities, clearly articulate expectations for current performance and future roles, and foster accountability for self development and performance improvement.


The Result?

  •  Individuals can better leverage their strengths
  • Leaders are equipped with a common language and team members results so they can provide specific coaching and feedback for improvement
  • All training is targeted to an individual’s development needs, maximizing the return on investment
  • Employees can be given opportunities to learn and grow — with a focus
  • Improved retention rates – lack of opportunities to learn and grow, lack of coaching and an inability to leverage strengths have ALL been identified as key reasons why employees leave

If you would like to learn more about leveraging ASSESS to enhance development and improve retention rates, please contact us.