Assess 360

Assess 360

by opt-assess

Assess 360

360 Feedback is a great way to gather confidential feedback from bosses, peers, direct reports and others.

Individuals receive constructive and developmental feedback on observed job behaviours.

By using Assess 360 you will:

  • Identify strengths
  • Discover weaknesses
  • Target development on those areas that will have the greatest impact on job effectiveness

What makes Assess 360 Unique?

  • Competency-based – compare candidates to competencies that lead to success in their role
  • Flexible Administration – it’s web-enabled and easy to use
  • Rater Friendly – introductory and reminder emails are sent to raters. Raters can enter feedback on more than one individual at once
  • Reports are easy to interpret:
    • Quickly identify areas of strength and weakness
    • View ratings by competency and by behaviour
    • Raters confidential comments are aggregated for ease of review
    • Development suggestions and action plans are right in the report (additional development resources can be accessed through our web links)
  • Fully integrated with Assess competency-based development reports. When combined, these not only provide ratings on observed behaviour but also help you understand the underlying "why" behind the behaviour that is observed

View sample of output of Assess 360

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