About Us

About Us

by opt-assess

Optimal Assessments and Consulting provides our clients with the best assessment tools in the market, along with unique solutions to improve individual and team performance including executive coaching and leadership development, competency (success) modeling, and facilitation expertise.

Optimal Assessments and Consulting Inc. is a Canadian distributor of Assess Systems. We provide our clients with knowledge and training for state-of-the art assessment tools, which provide the following benefits:

  • Ability to measure performance and target areas for improvement at both the individual and team level
  • Clarity of expectations and focus for employees
  • Improved hiring efficiencies based on fit with success model and your existing team
  • Quicker integration of new employees
  • Targeted training and employee development
  • Improved team effectiveness and dynamics
  • Increased objectivity in the succession planning process
  • Enhanced coaching capability

About Optimal AssessmentsTo learn more about our unique process please visit our home page which describes our proprietary Optimal Assessment Process™ of employee engagement.

We are committed to ensuring our clients receive comprehensive certification and the best follow up service. We ensure that everyone who gets trained can quickly begin delivering value to their organizations or clients.